Wildcat Virtual Enrichment Series

The Woodburn PTA is sponsoring this virtual series to bring writers, artists, farmers, and scientists to our children.

September 29th 4:45 pm

Take a trip to Ten Apple Farm in Gray, Maine

Ten Apple Farm is a diversified homestead on eighteen acres of land in Gray, Maine. A Maine family, led by Margaret and Karl, tend a small herd of dairy goats. Throughout the year, they keep their herd of Alpine dairy goats, a flock of heritage laying hens, and a pair of heritage Mangalitsa pigs. In the summer they raise chickens, turkeys, pigs, and sometimes ducks and lamb for meat. Every year they work to expand the garden and the growing season, with a goal of modest self-sufficiency. They can and preserve as much food as possible for the winter. The food they raise on the farm is primarily for their family’s consumption and to share with the many guests who visit us on the farm throughout the year.

Margaret and Karl have penned and photographed many books about Maine cooking and goats, including Living with Goats and The Portland, Maine Chef’s Table.

Join us for a live zoom trip to the farm. We will meet the goats, read a story, and learn more about Ten Apple Farm.

Mark your calendars for September 29th at 4:45.
Zoom link coming soon.

October 13th 4:45
Meet Zara González Hoang, author/illustrator of A New Kind of Wild.

 A New Kind of Wild  “celebrates imagination, the magic of friendship, and all the different ways we make a new place feel like home.”

Inspired by the stories her father told her about moving from Puerto Rico to New York as a child, Zara González Hoang’s author-illustrator debut is an imaginative exploration of the true meaning of “home.”

Mark your calendars for October 13th at 4:45 pm
Zara will read her book and doodle with the kids.

Zoom link coming soon.