Wildcat Direct Donation Campaign

The PTA funds an important array of enriching programs and events that benefit our children, school, and community. Due to the circumstances related to COVID-19, the Woodburn PTA is decreasing our budget and decided to forego multiple fundraisers in favor of a Direct Donation Fundraising Campaign.

This campaign is the PTA’s primary fundraiser and requests a one-time monetary donation rather than asking our community to sell items. The only other fundraisers planned for the year are spirit wear, limited restaurant take-out nights, and passive fundraising (e.g. Amazon Smile or Box Tops). Direct donations allow 100% of contributions to go directly to the PTA and are tax-deductible. If you make a donation, we will add your name to the PTA Wall of Fame on our website. Different level pledges come with some perks. You will also receive a letter for tax purposes.

Our goal is to raise $12,000 to support PTA programming. 

Donate now and we won’t ask you again!

Make a Pledge

$50.00 – PTA Wall of Fame

$100.00 – PTA Wall of Fame, Wildcat Car Magnet

$250.00-PTA Wall of Fame, Wildcat Car Magnet, and 2 pairs of Wildcat Socks

Please note, making a pledge does not automatically enroll you in the PTA. You can bundle your membership easily by selecting one of the bundle and pledge options.