Spirit Wear has Arrived!

We are excited to share the news that the spirit wear you ordered has arrived and will be sent home with your student or delivered to your classroom/office by the end of the week (fingers crossed we get it all sorted and organized). 

We are looking forward to seeing our wildcats in forest green and tie-dye this year! Spirit wear is one of Woodburn’s big fundraisers, and we thank you for participating. 

Before we leave you, we thought we would give you a glimpse inside the spirit wear workshop, run by volunteers (not elves).  This is what it takes to offer spirit wear to our wildcats:

·      A volunteer designs the t-shirts

·      A volunteer (the same one who designed the t-shirts) negotiates the style and size with a vendor

·      A volunteer sets up merchandise in the store

·      A volunteer promotes spirit wear and sends parents reminders so they don’t forget and their kids don’t miss out

·      A volunteer compiles the order and sends it to the vendor

·      The same volunteer works out supply chain issues with the vendor

·      Many volunteers sort orders and place them in bags; they are delivered to classrooms and ready to go home! (We need volunteers for sorting this Thursday at 4:30 pm at Woodburn. Sign up here).

One of the most important ways to support the PTA is to become a member or volunteer!

Our goal this year is for 150 members and right now we are at 110. So if you haven’t joined or renewed your annual membership, please do soon! Thanks to all those members who have already signed up.

Don’t worry, becoming a member doesn’t obligate you to volunteer.  We understand parents are busy, and many people can’t fit volunteering into their schedules.  If you can’t volunteer, a donation to our wildcat campaign is always welcome.  Thanks to everyone on this list who has already donated!  We see you on the PTA Wall of Fame!

Thanks to everyone for being a part of the Woodburn community!

With gratitude,

Mary Cunningham, PTA President & Bridget Gannon, Communication Co-Chair