PTA Meeting Minutes from 9/19/2012

Woodburn School for the Fine and Communicative Arts

PTA Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2012

At 6:30 the meeting was called to order by PTA President Marc Campen.

  • 2012-2013 Bylaws – Vote for approval

First order of business addressed was need to vote for approval of the 2012-2013 Bylaws and and the approval of the May 2012 Minutes.  Marc Campen made separate motions for the approval of both.  Shows of hands indicated a unanimous consent, and minutes and by laws were approved.

  • Pizzeria Uno Night

Susan Klein reminded all present that this PTA fundraiser will be held tonight, Thursday, September 27 from 4:00-9:00pm.  Dine-in or take-out, 20% percentage of the sales will be donated to Woodburn’s PTA.  The students will receive a voucher at school today, Thursday, September 27th.   Families are reminded to be sure to bring the voucher with them and present it to their server so Woodburn receives credit for your meal.   Vouchers will not be available at the door, per the instructions of the Pizzeria Uno staff.  The location of the Pizzeria Uno Restaurant that will be hosting this event is located at 3058 Gatehouse Plaza (off Gallows near Sweetwater and Chevy’s).  Next month’s restaurant night will be held at Silver Diner.

  • Fun Fair,  Woodburn Marketplace, Book Fair Update

The Woodburn Fun Fair/Marketplace will be held on Saturday, October 13th from 11:00am-2:00pm.  This is the biggest PTA fundraiser of the year.  Dan Zell, Fun Fair Coordinator, has ordered higher quality toys and wristbands for this year’s event.  Volunteers are still very much in need – please contact Dan Zell if you can help out.  There will also be a food truck (efforts are being made to determine which company to use), and there will also be a bake sale.  Families are encouraged to donate cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc.   Please contact Dan Zell if you have items to donate.

Peggy Tripp and Tina Graham are coordinating the Woodburn Marketplace this year.  The Woodburn cafeteria will be transformed into a Marketplace featuring a variety of unique vendors and local artisans. Raffle prizes will also be available, courtesy of the vendors that will be participating. If you have a product to sell, whether it’s a home business or your own crafts, and would like to participate, contact Peggy Tripp at (703) 645-0712 or pntripp at gmail dot com, to receive a Vendor Application and further information. Completed applications must be received by Friday, October 5th.   Vendors outside of the Woodburn community are welcome.

This year’s Book Fair will be slightly different than in the past.  Kerry MacQuarrie reported that Scholastic Book Company will be used for the fall book fair, and Book Worm Central will be used for the spring book fair.  Scholastic should enable Woodburn to receive a greater percentage of overall sales.  It also allows people to purchase books online, which will be new, and hopefully allow the opportunity for more people to be able to purchase books.  Scholastic also pre-bags the books, so nothing will need to be sorted once the books arrive at the school.  The Book Fair normally brings in between $6-7000 dollars.  Students will be able to browse on Friday, October 12, with purchasing to begin at the Fun Fair on Saturday, October 13.  Online sales will stay open for 21 days.  Flyers will be going out in Thursday Folders, with some concern over getting enough volunteers with it occurring in conjunction with the Fun Fair.

  • Principal’s Topics – Bridget Chapin

Principal Bridget Chapin reported that enrollment at Woodburn is about the same as last year, even with the recent boundary changes. It has been a smooth beginning of the school year.  There have been a few minor bus issues with some overcrowding, but transportation will take care of that.  Mrs. Chapin also introduced the new staff at Woodburn; a new Counselor, two new part-time PE and Music teachers, Strings teacher, a new Kindergarten teacher as well as an assistant, two new first grade teachers, and our new assistant principal, Ramona Gavin.  Welcome to Woodburn!

Woodburn is opening a parent resource center this year, courtesy of  our Community Liaison, Robyn Fernandez.  They will be sharing one of the trailers. Robyn Fernandez will be there to support new families from Annandale Terrace.   These families are eager to help, and Robyn will assist with that so that they can be included and feel welcome.  These new families are happy to help with laminating, Thursday Folders, etc.  A special meeting was recently held for Hispanic families, and Woodburn appreciates their enthusiasm.   English language classes will also be given on Thursdays by Jen Dinoia from 10-10:30am – all are welcome to drop by!

Mrs. Chapin discussed upcoming events, as well;   October 3rd is Picture Day, November 5,6 are Conference days,  December 12 will be Arts Integration Night.  Adrienne Sullivan suggested having flowers for sale that night for the performers as a PTA Fundraiser.

  • Treasurer’s Report – Janel Beach

Janel Beach, PTA Treasurer reported that funds are currently down, and that additional fundraising ideas are needed.  Teacher vouchers have been coming in, as well as Spirit Wear money.  Kerry MacQuarrie mentioned that many items can be purchases through Scholastic for half price at Woodburn; which could allow for additional PTA monies and better deals for the teachers.

Kimberli Stewart will be coordinating Mabel’s Labels, Canadian company that does iron, sticky labels, stickers, durable, high quality.   This Fundraiser will give 20 percent of the overall sales to Woodburn.  The link can be shared with friends outside of the Woodburn community, and the labels are shipped directly to the buyer’s home.

At this point in the meeting, Mrs. Chapin shared a beautiful photo of her new granddaughter, Hannah Katherine, who was born in August.  Congratulations to Mrs. Chapin and her family!

  • Game Flyer – Kerry MacQuarrie

Kerry MacQuarrie share a Book Worm Central game flyer.  Since the Scholastic Book Fair will only be books, Kerry suggested that Woodburn can do an online sale with Book Worm Central in conjunction with book sale.  This can be timed in November, so that items will arrive in time for the holidays.  This flyer includes educationally-oriented games.  The items would come to the school, so they would need to packaged and sent home with the students.  Families can pay an additional 6% to have them shipped to their home.

  • Membership – Rhona Hutchinson

Rhona Hutchinson reported that PTA membership forms will be sent home in Thursday Folders tomorrow.  She reminded the community that PTA membership comes with discounts through various companies as an incentive to join.  It was asked if membership can be completed online and if the link could be included in the Wildcat Weekly.  This suggestion will be looked into.

  • Other New Business

Marc Campen mentioned the current openings in PTA committee positions.  The most immediate need is some one to volunteer to do the directory.  It was suggested check with the Art teacher, Mr. Kettler, as he may be available to do illustrations for the cover.  A Fun Run coordinator also needed.

      Flyers for the Reflections Contest will be sent home tomorrow in Thursday Folders. Adrienne Sullivan reported that the Spirit Wear sale is going well, and that there is the possibility of an extension to give more families time to order.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:35.