PTA Meeting Minutes from 5/8/2014

PTA Meeting Agenda

May 8, 2014

At 7 p.m. the meeting was called to order.

  • Principal’s report

    Mrs. Chapin thanked everyone for a great Teacher Appreciation Week , and reported that the Woodburn teachers are very grateful (Hooray to Allison McMullin and all who contributed and lent their support! Thank you all!)

    Regarding the passing of a well-respected, well known Holmes Run coach – our school counselor has been notified, and FCPS policy is to provide support as children need. If a parent has a specific request for their child to be spoken with, please let Kathleen Gannon or our child’s teacher know. Teachers have also been made aware of this sudden, unfortunate passing, and everyone is sensitive to the impact this news could have on the students.

    This Saturday Woodburn is participating with the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra. Artwork from the students has been provided for display, and approximately 75 individuals have requested tickets. Very exciting!

    Our administrative intern has been pulled to go to Glasgow Middle School in reponse to a few staffing challenges within the area. Woodburn is sorry to lose her and wish her well!

    Upcoming Dates:

  • SOL Testing will begin May 20 and end June 10 (parents will be notified re: specific dates for their grade level, as applicable)

  • Field Day – June 13

  • Career Day – June 17

  • Awards Ceremony – June 20.

  • Woodburn is hosting ESY this year, as well as a select summer program for eligible students. A busy summer for Woodburn! Thank you to the Third Grade Team for presenting at this month’s PTA meeting!  After introducing themselves, they began their presentation focusing on what parents need to know about the SOL Tests.  Based on the VA Standards of Learning,  assessments are given each the spring in grades 3-6 in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies.  Required tests vary among grade levels 3-6,  and provide information on individual student achievement  and their understanding of grade level curriculum.  They are untimed. Scores do not affect students’ promotion to the next grade level;  however, when students get to high school, they do need to pass their corresponding  SOL to get credit for that course.

  • Nominations for the 2014-15 Executive Board

    An amendment is being proposed to change the by-laws to enable and individual on the Executive Board to serve three consecutive terms. VA PTA will be contacted to make sure this is in line with their policies. Nominees are: Edith Ford (President) Sharon Toda (VP), Terri Radziewski (Treasurer), and Maureen Small (Secretary). Elections will take place at the June PTA Meeting

  • New Business

    Volunteers are needed for the Monday Teacher Appreciation Luncheon – please contact Allison McMullin.
    June PTA Meeting set for Thursday, June 12.

    It was mentioned that an announcement should go out to make sure families know that Fun Run will not be taking place in full form this year. Mr. Shirley has worked it into one of the stations for the Health and Fitness Fair. It was discussed that perhaps next year Woodburn could take over the running of the Fun Run, with parent volunteers to help gather sponsors and provide support. Mrs. Vinisky will continue to organize the Book Fair for next year. Some discussion continued with regards to using BookWorm or Scholastic (Book Worm prices more expensive?). Scholastic does tend to offer a lot of ad-ons for sale (with the preferred focus being on the sale of books, not toys, etc.).
    Discussion about fundraising, fundraising limits, Title 1 funding, etc.: Primary use of Title 1 funds goes to pay for Math Specialist, additional Reading Specialist, additional Parent Liaison hours, and some busing.

    Parent Engagement Committee has requested funding for a dinner that they would like to host to promote oral language skills. Terri R. commented on how nice it has been to do Thursday Folders in the Parent Resource trailer this year – everyone is encouraged to do take advantage of this great space! 

    The challenge is to get more people to drop in on the fun and socializing!
    Question about Spanish Classes for adults? Flex is frozen, so resources are limited.

    Any chances bell schedule could change so elementary schools could start earlier? All signs point to elementary schools remaining on this later schedule. Parents should contact their School Board member with concerns.

    How about having clubs and activities before school? No transportation would be available, as buses are doing their runs, so that would limit students’ access to these classes.

    Why does it take so long for my bus rider to get home after school? Many bus routes may seem roundabout and lengthy, however, bus drivers are obligated to follow certain FCPS driving regulations to ensure student safety.

    What is the operating procedure for staffing at Kiss and Ride? A concern was raised that if staff could be out at Kiss and Ride a little before 9:00, as impatient parents are causing safety concerns with inappropriate driving in the Woodburn parking lot. Kiss-and-Ride works when parents are respectful, courteous, and responsible.

    Updating PTA Committee List for 2014-2015? Mrs. Chapelle needs information, if this list is going to be included for printing on the back of student agendas. It was determined that this list is not a necessity to have it on the agendas, but it does need to be revised for next year.

  • Treasurer’s Report:
    Good news – that there will be a carryover of funds into next year. Field trip pricing has been adjusted to pass along more of the cost to families, but not too much to keep everything affordable and equitable.
    How much money did the Book Fair make? TBD.

The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.