PTA Meeting Minutes from 2/28/2013


PTA Meeting Agenda

February 28, 2013

At 7:03 p.m. the meeting was called to order by PTA President Marc Campen.

  • Approval of January PTA Meeting Minutes

The first order of business addressed was the need to vote for approval of the January 2013 Meeting minutes.  Marc Campen made a motion for the approval.  Bridget Chapin noted the need to amend “Fun Fair” to “Fun Run”.  Shows of hands indicated a unanimous consent, and the minutes were approved.

  • Upcoming Movie Night – March 1, 2013

The PTA will be showing the movie “ParaNorman” for this upcoming fundraiser on March 1, 2013.  At the time of this meeting, 63 wristbands have been sold.  Janel Beach will be handing out the wristbands to students on Friday.

It was also noted that on Saturday, March 2nd, there will be restaurant night at Buenos Grill.  Woodburn ES will be receiving 7 percent of profits for that evening.

  • Faculty/Staff Basketball Game – March 8, 2013

Mr. Shirley has asked if the PTA will be offering pizza sales for the basketball game.  Marc Campen has spoken with Little Caesars, and they will be providing 50 to 60 pizzas.  An email will be sent to request volunteers (4-5) to help sell pizza at game as part of this PTA fundraising event.  Janel Beach noted that if families buy their tickets ahead of time, Woodburn will be receiving 100 percent of profits.  If tickets are purchased at the door, profits of the ticket sales will be split with Pine Springs ES.  Note:  Pizzas were ultimately purchased from Dominoes, due to Little Caesars inability to deliver to the game site.

Allison McMullin spoke regarding the author visit at Woodburn on Friday, March 1st.

  • Talent show

Gina Biver is currently looking for and MC for this event.  Forms have been distributed for participants, and continue to be sent in.  Three parent volunteers will be needed; a request will be sent out via the Wildcat Weekly and additional email(s).  Dress rehearsals will be on March 13, and Talent Show will be held on March 14.  Marc Campen has volunteered to do sound during the performances.

  • Principal / Assistant Principal’s Report

5th gade Writing SOLs will be administered this month.  This year, all SOLs will be completed by students online.  Mrs. Ettere, Kindergarten teacher, had her baby approximately a week ago, and her experienced sub is doing well.

“Bring Your Own Device” Initiative – Mr. Feighery and Mrs. Chapin have touched base with Janel Beach for her daughter to be a test case by allowing her to bring her Kindle to school.  At this month’s staff meeting, this will discussed with the rest of the Woodburn staff.  Ultimately, 4th to 6th graders will be allowed to bring their tablets or e-readers from home with parental permission.  An IP  address for the devices must be provided so that they can be put onto Woodburn network.  Hopefully this will increase access points within the classrooms for MyOn, Internet, etc..  It will be up to families to decide if their child s responsible enough to bring their device to school.  Note: Woodburn has highest percentage of MyOn usage in the county, thanks to Mrs. Vinisky.  Schools in FCPS are working to figure out how to make this tech access work for students and teachers.

  • Treasurer’s Report

Two assembles for this school year has freed up additional monies.  It was pointed out that monies that are being diverted from cultural arts for other expenses do need to be approved.  Staff in the front office has mentioned that PTA spending for student lunches is going well.

  • Fun run Update

Mellisa Smittle is beginning the planning process for this upcoming event.  She will be meeting with Mr. Shirley, looking for sponsors, and ultimately soliciting for volunteers within the community.

  • New Business

Additional members are still needed for the Nominating Committee to help fill vacant spot(s) on next year’s PTA Board.

The Drama Club will host their performance of “The Trial of Walter Wolf” on March 21st.

Silent Auction Follow Up- Olga Mulherin reported that extra tables were needed along with more space. Perhaps hold this event in the library next year?  The Wildcat Dance seemed to go very well.

Future restaurant nights will be McDonald’s in April, and Sweet Frog in May.  More details will be provided as we get closer to these dates.

Marc Campen adjourned the meeting at7:35 p.m.