PTA Meeting Minutes from 12/12/2012

PTA Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2012


At 9:30 a.m. the meeting was called to order by PTA President Marc Campen.

  • Approval of November PTA Meeting Minutes

The first order of business addressed was the need to vote for approval of the November 2012 Meeting minutes.  Marc Campen made a motion for the approval.  Shows of hands indicated a unanimous consent, and minutes were approved.

  • Recap of Holiday Teacher Luncheon

Concern was expressed over the observation that volunteers had signed up to donate food for this event, however not all pledged donations were delivered.  Ramona Gavin, Assistant Principal that even with this occurring, there seemed to be enough food for those that attended and even allowed for second portions.  A back-up plan is needed, however, to remind people if they have signed up to bring something;  this happened previously at the Election Day Bake Sale.

  • Upcoming Events

  • Gingerbread Houses are on Friday.  Melissa is doing the shopping, with Janel Beach taking care of the other requisite organizational duties.  Sign-up for this event has been filled.  Janel reported that there seems to be some confusion over pick-up, with some parents requesting their children to SACC without being registered for SACC. There is hope that this event might turn a small profit and not just break-even.

  • Chess Club still looking for a parent volunteer.  An advertisement for this will be placed in Wildcat Weekly after Winter Break.

  • Flowers to be sold at Woodburn’s Spring Concert as a possible future PTA fundraiser.

  • “Donuts For Dads” to be held on January 11th.  It was suggested that donations for be sought for food, along with putting out a donations jar- given the current shortage of PTA available funds.  Allison McMullin reported that student assemblies this year may be much less that allocated for, and could mean more money back into the budget.

  • February 1 will be the next Woodburn Movie Night.  This has since been moved to March 1.

  • February 8 will be the PTA Silent Auction, hosted in conjunction with the Woodburn Dance.  Olga Mulherin will be organizing this event.

  • A parent volunteer is still needed to organize the Fun Run in the spring.  Allison McMullin, a previous coordinator of this event, stated that the end of February is a good time for planning to begin, and there will be need to be coordination with Mr. Shirley, PE Teacher, as well.  Allison McMullin will be available as a resource, as well.  HMart has previously donated food, and perhaps another vendor could be found to donate water bottles to eliminate trash.  Kelly Campen volunteered to look into this.

  • In March, volunteers will need to be found for the Nominating Committee for next year’s PTA Board.

  • Principal’s Report

Ramona Gavin gave the Principal’s Report. FLE classes have begun in 5th and 6th grade. Advanced math testing will be in January.  There will not an early dismissal on the last day before Winter Break.  The question was raised as to whether the SCA will doing candy grams this year, and if there will be a toy drive. Mrs. Gavin will check with Mrs. Russell.  Sprinklers have been installed around the building to help maintain the plants around the school.


Marc Campen adjourned the meeting at 10:05 a.m.