PTA Meeting Minutes from 1/16/2013

Woodburn School for the Fine and Communicative Arts

PTA Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2013


At 6:30 p.m. the meeting was called to order by PTA President Marc Campen.


  • Approval of November PTA Meeting Minutes

The first order of business addressed was the need to vote for approval of the December 2012 Meeting minutes.  Marc Campen made a motion for the approval.  Shows of hands indicated a unanimous consent, and minutes were approved.

  • Donuts With Dad Wrap-Up

Marc Campen reported that there was a good turn-out for this event.  Looking ahead to the “Muffins with Mom” scheduled for March:   Several fathers that attended this event stayed for a short time, and then left their children to wait unattended until school started.  This presents a problem, as there is not available supervision at this time.  For “Muffins with Mom”, it should be made clear in announcements that adults should not leave their children unattended.

  • Restaurant Night Recap (passing out of stickers, wristbands, etc.)

Family turn-out for Restaurant Nights has been lower during this 2012-2013 school year.  Looking ahead to February’s Restaurant Night, McDonalds and Dominoes were mentioned as possibilities for future hosts.  It was suggested that the carry-out option that these locations provide might be an incentive for more families to participate.  It was also asked if teachers could be reminded to pass out available stickers for students to wear home to remind families on the days the Restaurant Nights are occurring; last month it appeared that students in several classes did not receive their stickers, which could impact turn-out.  Stickers are also going to be passed out for future PTA meetings, as well.

  • Upcoming Movie Night – March 1, 2013 (to also be announced during AM slide show)

It was suggested that students make announcements either in the morning or afternoon to promote attendance at this event.

  • Fun Run Chair Needed

Melissa Smittle volunteered to chair this event.  Allison McMullin, a former chair, will be an excellent available resource for planning.  The Woodburn Fun Run has been scheduled for May 10, but may need to be rescheduled for May 17th.  Teachers may not be able to attend, as they will be attending an awards ceremony at the Kennedy Center.

  • Nominating Committee Members Needed (2)

Kelly Campen is already on this committee which, is in need of two additional members to assist in choosing a new PTA Vice President.

  • Strings – Ms. Buchanan’s offer to have strings perform for various PTA events

  • Additional Business

  1. Jenna Von Elling has set up the new PTA website, and is currently looking for someone to take over its construction.  There is a lot of information needs to be put in, but thanks to Jenna for building a strong foundation (Rachel Yau has since volunteered to take on this responsibility).

  2. Future locations for Restaurant Nights were discussed; Five Guys, Subway, Chicken Campero

  3. Silent Auction – Donations are still needed.  Olga Mulherin has compiled a list of those that have donated, along with new stores in the Mosaic District.  There are many businesses that have yet to respond, and volunteers are welcome to take additional donation forms to local merchants.  Additional emails will also be sent out to help solicit more donations. Peggy Tripp reported that Marketplace vendors will be donating to the Silent Auction, as well.

  4. An updated PTA will be distributed.  It was suggested that posters be placed around the building to help advertise upcoming Movie Night(s), Wildcat Dance, etc.

  5. There will be a lockdown drill on February 8, which will be announced in detail with students. Doors will be locked, students will be taken to the furthest corner of the room, and a sign will be placed over the glass on classroom doors.  One lockdown drill is required in FCPS schools per school year.


Marc Campen adjourned the meeting at 7:30 p.m.