PTA officer slate and final PTA Meeting

The PTA Nominating Committee presented the slate of nominees at the 4/28 PTA Meeting.

Next, we need your vote for the next year’s PTA Board of Officers.  We would encourage you to pencil in June 2nd, our last PTA meeting for the school year 2015-2016.

On the slate are:

Leah DeWolf ——  President
Neelima Yelamanchili —- Secretary
John Alexander —– Treasurer
**VACANCY —– Vice President**

If you or someone you know have any questions or would like to run for any of these positions, please feel free to reach out to the Nominating Committee – Paul Davis, Leah DeWolf, and Sharon Toda.   Make your voice and ideas heard!

Enrichment Program Update

Several of our Fall and Winter Enrichment Programs will be ending in mid March.  Spring Sessions will begin in April and registration information will be coming home in Thursday folders in the upcoming few weeks.  In the works –  Minecraft, Python Programming, Tennis Club, Basketball, Robotics, Pottery, Structural Engineering.  Minimum number of registered students are required in order for session to begin.  Check out the full calendar of courses!
Would like more info? Have a question,  please email Sharon at