Donate Now to the Wildcat Direct Donation Campaign!

The PTA funds an important array of enriching programs and events that benefit our children, school, and community. Due to the circumstances related to COVID-19, the Woodburn PTA decreased our budget this year and decided to forego multiple fundraisers in favor of a Direct Donation Fundraising Campaign.

Our fundraisers support teacher classroom grants and appreciation, enrichment programming, and social activities. This campaign is the PTA’s primary fundraiser and requests a one-time monetary donation rather than asking our community to sell items.

The only other fundraisers planned for the year are spirit wear, limited restaurant take out nights, and passive fundraising (e.g. Amazon Smile or Box Tops). Direct donations allow 100% of contributions to go directly to the PTA, and are tax-deductible.

Our goal is to raise $12,000 to support PTA programming.

Donate now and we won’t ask you again!