Clean Kitchen Night: Seoul Spice

March 24   |   4 to 6pm

Pick up a healthy and delicious meal (or meals to freeze) for your whole family at the end of the school day at Woodburn on March 24 (4-6 PM) from SeoulSpice while raising money for our beloved Woodburn Wildcats. It’s like a Chipotle of Korean flavors: pick your protein then load up on vegetables on a bed of rice, gluten-free noodles or salad of kale and lettuce. Individual and family meals are available.

The Woodburn Elementary Fundraiser SEOULSPICE drop is scheduled for 4:00PM on Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

To guarantee a seamless and successful delivery to the school where you can pick up your order, we will accept all orders submitted prior to 11:00AM on March 24, 2021.

ORDER HERE Please visit our dedicated link to pre-order now!

SEOULSPICE is excited to offer:

1. At-Home Korean BBQ Experience Kits ($99 feeds 4)We include your very own portable cook-top and grill (yours to keep), 3 pounds of our pre-marinated uncooked protein, sushi-grade white rice, and an assortment of veggie sides and sauces to treat your taste buds.

2. Korean Family FeastsIf you’d rather let us do the cooking, reserve your Korean Family Feast now!  You’ll receive a ready-to-serve dinner that is sure to please your group of 2, 4, or more.

3. SEOULSPICE Fast-Casual ExperienceIf you’re a SEOULSPICE die-hard, you may have that trusty go-to combination that you just can’t live without!  In that case, you have the option to build-your-own entree exactly to your liking, just like you would experience in-store.

Whichever spread you choose, it is sure to soothe your #HEARTANDSEOUL.  We will see you next week!!