PTA Meeting on 5/28

The May PTA meeting date has been changed.  Please note 5/28 is the new May Meeting Date.  Come out for  our annual voting meeting to vote in the executive officers.  As an added bonus, we will also be celebrating your hard work! We will be celebrating all of our volunteers and committee chairs for all the work they do throughout the year.
So make a plan to join us for voting!

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 4-8

While we show appreciation for Woodburn teachers, year round, the week of May 4-8 is an extra special time to share that appreciation for all that they do for our children!  To make this week super-successful, we need your help!
Please reach out to Allison McMullin to sign up to help with the following activities that week:

Monday May 4: Breakfast Trail Mix Bar in Teacher’s Lounge

  • 2 Volunteers to help set up the Trail mix bar – 8:15am – 9:00am

Wednesday May 6: Luncheon (in Teacher’s Lounge – sandwich fixings and salads)

  • 4 volunteers to help with lunch set-up – 10:30am
  • 2 volunteers for clean up – 2:00pm

Thursday May 7: Cards and Flowers from students

  • A volunteer to buy flowers and bring on the 7th ready to give to children who don’t bring one for their teacher – Should be done on Wednesday.  Would be wonderful if you contacted stores ahead of time for donations – Safeway and Giant would be good sources
  • A volunteer to prepare vases for the teachers.  Tie a ribbon with a note, for instance.  Vases will be provided – this can be done the week prior at your convenience.
  • 4 volunteers to help pass out the flowers – 8:45 – 9:15am

Friday, May 8: Parents say Thanks!

  • 2 volunteers to help set up our “buffet” of treats for teachers (school/desk supplies and treats) – 9:30 – 10:30am

Please contact Allison McMullin at

“Art is not extra, it’s integral”

We are delighted with the recent announcement that Woodburn ES has been selected as one of the schools that CETA will continue to work with on Art Integration. Woodburn has been using Art Integration in everyday teaching–supporting all subject areas and student expression.
Many other schools have taken this approach. A recent article showcases other schools taking this approach and the impact of the arts integration in supporting student learning:
You can also read more about Woodburn’s arts integration approach here.